Modern timeless style

We are a small family owned boutique proudly based and sourced in Vietnam.

A business that we can be
proud of

Our goal is to ensure fair wages for our team of talented tailors as well as provide quality products for our customers that are reasonably priced.

The hope in the next year is for a thriving business and to be able to share our success by giving back to our home community.

Our style

Natured inspired- soft hues and vibrant colors and florals are at the heart of our design. Our pieces infuse current fashion trends with a timeless feminine silhouette. Our application of delicate chiffons, satin, silk, and lace allow flow to the garment while clean crisped linen provides structure to the female form.

Our material and artistry

We have a small team of experienced and creative tailors ensuring that every garment is made with care and craftsmanship. A lot of love is put into fabric selection, stitching, and lining of our products, and each piece is unique and limited in production.